“Airbags and vacuum hoses were recalled, but there was no information link. This 'call-to-call' has no real meaning for our owners, but it has increased the trouble.” As a Mazda 6 owner, Ms. Huang was deeply affected "Summoning but not returning" troubles. The reporters investigated that the problems of being recalled and returning from vehicles and small vehicles appearing from time to time have become a burden for many FAW Mazda owners. Everyone can't help but wonder if the quality of the products produced by FAW Mazda is getting worse and worse. Why does the company respond negatively to various product issues?

"Calling and not returning" occurs repeatedly

"If the Takata airbag problem involves too many areas, and individual companies have too late to recall it, this can be understood, and this is not a Mazda problem. However, the vacuum hose problem is really worrying." As the Mazda 6 owners, Ms. Huang has been pursuing car purchases since 2013. Although vehicle wearing parts are frequently replaced, Ms. Huang still thinks that Mazda 6 is a good product. “At the time, this car was purchased mainly because of its high facial value and reasonable price. Large parts such as engines did not appear to be too big. The wearing parts themselves were easily damaged. These are within the scope of tolerance.” Because there were not many, In the past four years, Ms. Huang’s Mazda 6 mileage has been less than 40,000 kilometers. Although tires, wipers, batteries, brake pads and other types of wearing parts have been damaged and replaced in turns, Ms. Huang has not been seriously involved, and because maintenance is not The 4S shop for car purchases, so Ms. Huang did not pay attention to Mazda's vehicle after-sales service, but her continuous recall made her deeply troubled.


“First of all, there was a Takata airbag problem, and Mazda 6 was going to recall the airbags of the main driver. I think that with such a large scale, my car itself is not much open, and it is not in a hurry to change, so I did not care. However, until the centralized recall period. At the end, I did not receive any news. The airbags of the first officer were recalled again, and there were recalls of related components such as the brake-assisted vacuum hose check valve. No matter which recall, I did not receive it. Any feedback from the company made me doubt the quality of the vehicle and the behavior of the company.” Ms. Huang’s case is not a case. In Ms. Huang’s opinion, despite the fact that companies have issued public recall information, consumers like her who pay less attention to corporate information, if they do not have corporate notices, are likely to miss relevant recall information and drive problems.


According to Ms. Huang’s introduction, the reporter learned that many car owners encountered the “call-to-call” treatment on the recall of FAW Mazda. Although the company issued a recall announcement, many consumers did not receive corporate notices. Some 4S stores also delayed recalls due to lack of spare parts. Only some owners could solve the recall problem once.

What is more worrying is that many models of FAW Mazda have been recalled, and some products have been recalled more than once. In the last two years alone, apart from airbags, the vacuum hose check valve of Mazda6, the lower control arm assembly of Mazda CX-7 and Mazda8, the Atez, the brake caliper of imported ATENZA, Mazda6 Rui wing car safety seat Chair lifts were recalled. So many recalls happened in the same company, and the same problem appeared on more than one model. Under large-scale recalls, "calling and not returning" also becomes a matter of course.

Frequent problems plague consumers

Similar to "calling without returning", Ms. Huang and many FAW Mazda owners have problems with the vehicles, such as abnormal noise, corrosion, and poor sealing. Beijing Mr. Liu's Mazda 8 rear seat rust, Ms. Huang’s door lock rust, and Mr. Hu’s Mazda’s CX-4 door plastic card assembly are not in place resulting in deformation of the sealant strips... on a car quality complaint website Abnormal sounds, paint problems, headlights, water leaks, sunroof leaks, engine oil leaks and other issues frequently appear on various Mazda models, especially the frequency of leaks (oil), abnormal sound and other issues occur high.


In the two months following the use of the Mazda CX-4 by Mr. Wang of Xinjiang, there were abnormal sounds in 15 areas of the car, involving almost all areas of the car, including oil pumps, armrest boxes, door hinges, A-pillars, and steering. The reporter found that "the shrinking of the process" appeared to be the primary cause of many minor problems with FAW Mazda products. On the various products of FAW Mazda, problems such as incomplete assembly, inadequate detail handling, poor tolerance coordination, rough workmanship, and insufficient sealing have all been blamed on the manufacturing process.

At the same time, behind these issues is the rapid growth of sales of FAW Mazda since last year. According to the data, in 2017, the sales of FAW Mazda reached 124,000 units, an increase of 35.7% year-on-year, exceeding the target of 120,000 units for the year. In the first two months of 2018, under the negative growth in production and sales volume of the passenger vehicle market, FAW Mazda had achieved a good 32.4% year-on-year sales growth. Sales volume has gone up, and product problems have emerged in an endless stream, especially from the after-sales aspect. Many problems have not been resolved in time, leaving FAW Mazda widely criticized. A complaints website even stated that in the first half of last year, FAW Mazda did not handle any complaints from the website. They suspected that FAW Mazda’s increased sales and after-sales service did not provide timely support. "Back" precisely shows the lack of service of FAW Mazda.

Rider craft should not shrink

Large batches of products, large-scale recalls, and emerging problems recurred on various models. The implementation of recalls was not satisfactory. Behind the dramatic increase in sales of FAW Mazda, people could not help but doubt their quality control capabilities.

On March 14, the reporter consulted Mazda 6's recall information through the official recall hotline. The reporter learned that the car currently has three recalls, namely the airbags of the main and co-pilots and the vacuum hoses for brake assistance. The concentration period of recall of the main driving airbags has ended. The reporter consulted why consumers did not receive any information during the recall period. They were told that all recalls were notified to consumers by registered mail at one time. Because of factors such as changes in consumer record information, the company encouraged consumers to contact 4S stores to make an appointment to recall services. . Even through FAW Mazda's after-sales service department, consumers and 4S shops still need to make reservations to negotiate specific issues. Some 4S stores have insufficient spare parts and other issues also require consumers and 4S shops to wait for communication. FAW Mazda's after-sales service department cannot directly deploy.

In response, Jiang Suhua, an attorney of Beijing Yingke Law Firm, said that at present, recalls do require consumers to actively contact 4S stores and other departments that carry out specific operations. In accordance with relevant regulations, companies have the responsibility to record and notify consumers, but due to consumer information Changes and other factors, from the legal perspective, as long as the company has made a record and notified according to the record information, it can be regarded as fulfilling the notice responsibility. "In the current consumer environment, there should be no manufacturers who do not fulfill their recall obligations." In Jiang Suhua's view, consumers actively look for recall information and take the initiative to contact manufacturers for recalls are the most effective form of recalls that can be promoted smoothly. 4S stores and other specific operating units use spare parts. Less than an excuse to delay the recall, it cannot be regarded as an offence if it does not cause serious damage. However, if the circumstances are serious, consumers can safeguard their rights through consumer complaints and even lawsuits.

From the recall experience of Ms. Huang and other consumers, although FAW Mazda fulfilled the responsibility of filing information and publicly recalling information and notifying consumers, facing such a large-scale recall still requires consumers to take the initiative to safeguard their rights. At the same time, FAW Mazda has certain deficiencies in terms of product quality, parts and components, etc. while its sales volume has increased substantially. With such frequency and scope, FAW Mazda has undeniably had many problems with its product quality defects. “Seeking truth from facts, some brands do have problems with product quality. We cannot rashly say that the quality of a certain brand or company’s products is not good. However, frequent recalls, especially those that can be solved by upgrading the technology, cannot be denied by companies. The problem is still to improve the quality of the product, not to damage the market that the product is difficult to accumulate.” As An Qingheng, the director of the China Automotive Industry Advisory Committee, said frequent recalls, especially those that could have been avoided during production and delivery The problem does require enterprises to pay attention to it. Some companies that have achieved breakthroughs in sales volume need to prepare for production and after-sales services while seeking a larger market.

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