According to the mine work arrangement, our team will organize and hang the cable of xxxx lane. In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the finishing and hanging cables, the special security technical measures are as follows:

I. Overview

The cables of xxxx lane have ventilation gas monitoring line, communication line, mine pressure monitoring line, signal lighting line, 660V power cable and 1140V power cable. The finishing, hanging cables strictly enforce the "coal mine safety standardization standards" and the relevant provisions of the mining companies, cable hook spacing of 1 meter steel expansion bolt in the right way forward to help the roadway, after the cable hook fixed, according to from In the following order, the ventilation gas monitoring line, communication line, mine pressure monitoring line, signal lighting line, 660V power cable, and 1140V power cable are placed in the cable hook.

Second, the construction steps:

(1) Preparation before construction

1. The xx team is responsible for preparing and transporting the necessary tools (wrench, pliers, ladder, wooden handle bracket) and accessories (cable hooks, expansion bolts, cable ties) and other materials to the construction site.

2. The project department of the XX project department is responsible for the construction of the expansion bolt eye of the cable hook.

3. The xx team will contact the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Services before cable sorting and hanging. Please arrange for the staff of the Ministry of Electrical and Mechanical Services and the Zhejiang Zhongyu Project Department and the 31st project department of China Coal to cooperate with the construction.

(2) Construction steps

1. Check the materials used in the construction before construction and check the tools. It can only be brought into the construction site without any omissions.

2. According to the cable laying route, install the expansion bolts in the well-behaved eyes and fix the cable hooks according to relevant regulations.

3, ventilation gas monitoring line, communication line, mine pressure monitoring line, signal lighting line, 660V power cable, 1140V power cable should be sorted and hanged in order, according to the order from top to bottom, the ventilation gas monitoring line, communication line The mine pressure monitoring line and the signal lighting line shall be placed in the cable hook according to the relevant requirements; before 660V power cable and 1140V power cable are finished and hanged, the power supply to suspend the cable must be cut off, and “someone works, no power transmission is allowed”. The warning sign of the typeface is then inspected with an electroscope that is compatible with the power supply voltage. After the test is completed, the cable is grounded to the ground before being cleaned and hanged. Only those who perform the work of stopping the power transmission have The right to take this card to send electricity.

Third, work standards and requirements

1, the cable hook is defined as self-reflective plastic cable hooks and two kinds of flat iron hook, in addition to the roadway intersection, the chamber made with flat hooks, the other sections are used reflective plastic cable hook, hanging not other forms. Cables of different voltage levels cannot be hung on the same layer of cable hooks.

2. The cable hanging distance is 1 meter, the hanging height is 2.4 meters (the most hooked expansion bolt, the same below), the special section roadway width is less than 2.8 meters, and the hanging height is not less than 2.9 meters. The fixing distance of the lower end of the cable hook is not more than 3 meters, and it is required to be fastened and lined up.

3. All cable hooks must be perpendicular to the horizontal line of the roadway, and the cable arc of the adjacent cable hooks should not sag more than 10mm within 1 meter.

4. Each group of cable hooks is a combination of the above small hooks and the following large hooks, which must be hung by a single line and not hooked. The order of cable layout is from the top to the bottom: ventilation gas monitoring line, communication line, mine pressure monitoring line, signal lighting line, 660V power cable, 1140V power cable.

5, cable signage suspension requirements, a set of signs must be set at the entrance of the roadway, a group of every 100 meters in the roadway, set in the front section of the corner, the mouth, and the top. Must be made of an aluminum current direction marked signs cables, size 60 * 200mm, including the use of cable units, use, maintenance person, voltage level, the cross-sectional area, length of cable, each cable with two plastic cable ties signage Securely attached to the cable.

6. The cable is required to be hung straight, and the switch and junction box have a symmetrical angle.

7. Cable terminal box suspension method: The bottom plate is made of steel plate with a thickness of not less than 6mm, and the four corners are fixed to the roadway gang with not less than Φ16mm*150mm expansion screws, and the lower part is 100mm away from the upper cable hook. The two screw holes above the junction box are bolted to the reserved holes on the bottom plate. Two pairs of holes are reserved for the bell mouths at both ends of the junction box, and the bell mouth is tied to the bottom plate using a plastic cable tie.

8. It is strictly forbidden to hang other objects on the cable hook (cable). The cable must not be charged with a coil or a "8" shape.

9. There must be signs on both sides of the wall cable wall. It is located 300mm away from the wall pipe. The cable is protected by the casing through the wall and tightly sealed.

10. The cable signs are attached at both ends of the junction box of the same diameter cable and 100mm of various switch bell mouths. If two devices or junction boxes are placed side by side, they are placed at a distance of 100mm from the outlet side bell mouth. Cable signs shall be marked with parameters such as number, purpose, voltage, section and length.

11. It must be hung by the hanging point designed on the junction box. It is strictly forbidden to use the load cable to suspend the junction box. When there is water on the top of the junction box, waterproof facilities must be added.

12. Other strict implementation of the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines” regarding cable hanging regulations.

Fourth, security technical measures

1. All personnel involved in finishing and hanging cables must carefully study this measure, be familiar with the construction process, understand each construction process, and be aware of the facts.

2, finishing, hanging cables should pay attention to the site environment before construction, the abnormal situation must immediately stop the operation, take measures to deal with, after processing, continue construction.

3. Before finishing the construction of the cable, the warning must be set at 10 meters on both sides of the construction site. If there are personnel or vehicles to pass, the security personnel must inform the construction personnel to stop the construction and ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles.

4. Ascending the work, standing on the ladder to tidy up and hang the cable, the ladder must be placed in a stable position and protected by two people. When climbing above 2 meters, the construction workers should wear seat belts, and the safety belts should be firmly rooted and used high.

5, cable finishing, hanging construction process by the xx team to follow the staff on the scene unified command, xx team followers are the first responsible person on the construction safety.

6. During the cable finishing and hanging construction process, all personnel must concentrate and handle gently to prevent the cable from falling and injuring people.

7, in the process of finishing and hanging cables, everyone must take the tools in hand and put the construction materials, pay attention to the surrounding personnel to prevent injury.

8. After the construction is completed every day, it is necessary to report to the dispatcher before leaving the site. The squad leader counts the number and raises the well.

9. Underground electrical equipment, cables and wires must not be repaired and repaired, and must be shut down before being tidyed and hanged.

10. Strictly implement the system of power outage, lockout, listing, power inspection and discharge.

11. Other unfinished matters are strictly implemented in accordance with the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines”.

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