Give an example of how to handle chemical waste?

Answer: (1) Acidic waste liquid. The waste liquid is slowly poured into an excess of an aqueous solution containing sodium carbonate or calcium hydroxide, or neutralized with a spent caustic solution, neutralized, and rinsed with a large amount of water.

(2) Waste liquid of sodium hydroxide and ammonia. After neutralizing with a 6 mol/L aqueous hydrochloric acid solution, it was rinsed with a large amount of water.

(3) Cyanide waste liquid (NaCN, KCN). Add 25mL of 5% NaOH or 10% per 100mL of waste liquid

The Na2CO3 solution and 25 mL of FeSO4 solution were thoroughly stirred and heated slightly to convert them into a non-toxic iron hydride solution, which was then poured off.

(4) Fluoride waste liquid. Two times the equivalent of CaCl2 or Ca0 is added to cause the CaF2 precipitate to be poured out.

⑸ arsenic compounds, mercury compounds high waste. Pass H2S to make As2S3 and 珑HgS precipitate, then pour off.

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