Diesel engine 2011 "insufficient power" sales…

According to the data of China Automobile Industry Production and Sales in the 12th period of 2011, from January to November 2011, China's vehicle diesel engine companies achieved a total of 3,268,094 units of production, sales of 3,447,945 units, and 3,540,297 units of production in the-----!

China Fertilizer Production Increases by 12.14% in 2011

In December 2011, China produced 5.068 million tons of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium chemical fertilizers for agriculture, an increase of 7.79% year-on-year. The data shows that from January to December 2011, the output of chemical fertilizers nationwide reached 60.27 million tons, an increas-----!

The price will drop sharply

The turbulent auto market has not affected the “luxuries” luxury market. In 2011, although the overall growth rate of the auto market was only 3.5%, the growth rate of the luxury car segment exceeded 40%, and the traditional “Germany's top three” remained strong-----!