January 17 Nanjing Steel Market Price Quotes

The product name specification material steel factory/origin price (yuan/ton) is higher than the previous month's high line of Φ6.5mm than last week. Q235 Xingang Steel 4490 -50 -60 -90 High Line Φ8/10mm Q235 Haixin 4500 -40 -70 - 100 High Line Φ6.5mm Q235 Rizhao 4490 -50 -70 -90 High-----!

JAC invested 837 million in wading heavy-duty trucks

On November 29, Jianghuai Automotive revealed that its project with a total investment of 837 million yuan for heavy-duty trucks was reviewed by the National Development and Reform Commission. Earlier, it was reported that Jianghuai Automobile is brewing a truck project with a total investment of-----!

Shiyinwall Auto Parts Company Investment Expansion

The “Waler Industrial Park” automobile parts production project invested 120 million yuan by City Wall Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. settled in Xiongjiawan Village, Hanjiang Street, Zhangwan District. It is reported that the project covers an area of ​​80 acres and the enti-----!

Russia, Uzbekistan, natural gas dispute

On the evening of March 5, the Russian Natural Gas Industry Corporation announced that Russia and Uzbekistan have negotiated a telephone to find a solution to the problem of debt repayment. The two parties decided that Russia will immediately lift the restrictions on the supply of natural gas to Uzb-----!

Policy and Cost Double Impact on Chemical Industry

The executive meeting of the State Council held on January 9 made a study and deployment of stabilizing prices, demanding that the prices of refined oil, natural gas and electricity be not adjusted in the near future; the prices of fertilizers such as urea and phosphate fertilizers must also remain -----!