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After the French Army succeeded in applying the British Ferret reconnaissance vehicle in North Africa, in 1956 it provided a similar vehicle that required strong firepower. The development and production of the prototype vehicle was undertaken by Panhard. The company completed the prototype in 1959 and named the Panhard 245. Saviem and the Isseli Murino Manufacturing Factory (DEFA-AMX) of the Armament Research and Manufacturing Bureau also developed prototypes. However, after the trial, the French Army adopted Panhard 245 and named it AML. In 1961, the French Army delivered the first batch of orders.
From then on, AML began mass production, and its series of products is also increasing, but currently only for export. To date, more than 4,800 AML vehicles have been produced. Sandock-Austral Limited was licensed to produce AML vehicles in South Africa but was named Eland.
The AML reconnaissance vehicle equipped with 90 turrets is a fully welded steel body. In the front of the cockpit, the battle cabin is centered and the power cabin is behind. In front of the driver, there is a right-opening single-leaf hatch cover and three integral periscopes. At night, the middle one can be replaced with infrared or low-light periscope.

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