Samsung is about to release the smart watch Galaxy Gear on September 4th. On the eve of the conference, Venture Beat, the US technology blogger, has taken the lead in exposing the photos of the Galaxy Gear prototype, allowing the outside world to pre-empt the Galaxy Gear before the conference. The style.
It is understood that Samsung is highly confidential about this smart watch, so there are many versions of the Galaxy Gear prototype that are available to developers and partners. However, the difference between the prototype and the finished product should not be too large.
As you can see from the exposure photos, this Galaxy Gear smart watch is equipped with a 3-inch-sized square screen in appearance, and the screen is rounded on all four sides. The Galaxy Gear also has a 4 megapixel camera lens and is equipped with a small speaker. In addition, it is paired with Samssung's own smart phone and tablet via wireless Bluetooth transmission and supports WiFi wireless Internet access. It is reported that the main function of this smart watch is as a smart phone, tablet accessories, is likely to support S Voice voice commands, and preload some of the health data related App.

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