The typhoon has a great impact on the safe driving of the expressway, and it is necessary to master certain driving knowledge. To this end, the patrol patrol advises the officers and passengers traveling in the typhoon weather as follows:

1, before departure, pay attention to consulting weather information, weather and more weather as much as possible not to travel, so as not to encounter danger or delay the journey.

2. The vehicle must be inspected before departure. In particular, lights, brakes, wipers, and other parts must be inspected. The truck driver must bundle the goods before proceeding to high speed.

3. When the typhoon is encountered, slow down slowly and strictly control the speed below the speed limit board speed limit, and keep the distance more than twice.

4. If the typhoon is relatively strong and accompanied by thunderstorms, the necessary measures should be taken depending on the circumstances. When the visibility is less than 200 meters, the low beam, position light and front and rear position lights should be turned on. The vehicle speed must not exceed 60 kilometers per hour, and keep at a distance of more than 100 meters from the vehicle in the same lane. When the visibility is less than 100 meters, it should be turned on. The speed of the lights, position lights, front and rear position lights and hazard warning flashlights shall not exceed 40 kilometers per hour, and shall be 50 meters or more away from the vehicle in front of the same lane; when the visibility is less than 50 meters, the low beam and position lights shall be turned on. Front and rear lights and hazard warning flashlights, and subject to traffic police command, left the highway from the nearest exit.

5. When the vehicle is anchored or has an accident on the expressway, immediately close the parking space, turn on the hazard warning flash light, turn on the marker light and tail light at night, and set the danger warning sign in accordance with the regulations 150 meters away from the direction of arrival. Evacuate to the outside of the guardrail and dial 12122. It is forbidden to walk on the highway.

6. If the road is not suitable for the implementation of the closure of the closed road, as soon as possible from the nearest exit from the highway.

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