Forklift driver operation training system research success The key scientific research project of the Special Inspection Institute of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province - the development of the virtual reality system for forklift driver operation training has achieved initial results. As an important achievement of this project, the forklift driver operating simulation training device was installed and debugged at the special equipment training base in the city, and it has entered the patent application stage.

In 2012, the Ningbo Special Inspection Institute has continuously improved the construction of special equipment testing centers since it took on the examination of the special equipment operators in the city. It has gradually achieved the theoretical examination machine examination, the actual examination simulation, and actively developed the forklift driver operation training virtual reality system. , and the first use of the system for simulation training across the country. This not only saves training costs, improves efficiency, but also avoids safety accidents that may occur during actual vehicle training. It has laid a solid foundation for improving the quality of special equipment operators in the city and ensuring the safety of special equipment in the city.

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