The ignition switch on the sprinkler has “LOCK”, “ACC”, “ON” and “START” four switch positions and the “PUSH” message.

"LOCK" is the direction lock. To open the lock, the ignition key must be inserted.

"ACC" is the connected position of the accessory device circuit. This device is generally used to connect the radio and cigarette lighter circuits.

"ON" is the position of the engine ignition switch. After the engine is successfully started, the switch is maintained in this position to provide power for the engine to run.

"STRAT" is the starting position of the engine. When the ignition switch is in this position, the starter rotates and drives the crankshaft to start the engine.

The word "PUSH" is provided to remind you to press the lock button when the switch is toggled!

The water truck manufacturer prompts you not to “START” in the starting position too long, about 3 seconds, when starting the engine. A long start will damage the entire starter system. A better vehicle sounds better, and noise and vibration are not noticeable when the engine is idling. Some people will be accustomed to go on fire before driving, because of the difference in speed between the engine and the starter, it will also be harmful to the starter. Therefore, before starting, it is best to take a look at the tachometer. If there is an indication of the speed, it means that the engine has been started at idle.

If your vehicle is a one-touch start, the car will start as long as you press the start button.

These high-density, single spiral brushes are ideal for cleaning inner bores of tubing and machined cylinders in diameters from 1/4" to 1-1/4". The spiral screw action of the closely packed bristles increases cleaning effectiveness and shortens the time required. Available in carbon, stainless steel or brass bristles in various gauges from fine to coarse. All handles are twisted stainless steel wire for extra mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Can also be made in larger diameters.

Adapters for Wheel Brushes

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