Recently, this reporter learned that a farmer in Daming County, Hebei Province, carefully studied on his own, invented an energy-saving deep-water relay submersible pump . This reporter went to the local interview to understand the situation.
This year, 60-year-old Elder Wanghe Tang is an ordinary farmer in East Erzhuang Village, Wangcun Township, Daming County. During the daily irrigating process, he found that when people pumped water from deep wells, in order to prevent the water from being exhausted during pumping, The pump is always under deep, artificially increased pumping head, resulting in unnecessary waste of electricity. Wang Hengtang after years of painstaking research and continuous improvement experiments, invented an energy-saving deep-water relay submersible pumps.
The purpose of this pump design is to allow people to save money, pouring fast, the pump long life, the water is still large. He compared with the normal pump, the advantage is the most important. The original ordinary pump by big power from the deepest part of the well pumping, as long as the big power into small power, relay pumping, it virtually reduces the pressure on the water , From closing to the water on 36 seconds, 100 meters, the water.
According to Wang Hetang introduction, he invented this energy-saving deep-water relay submersible pump composed of two or more pumps, alternating work, at the same time, he also specifically for this pump is equipped with a large dedicated distribution box, can effectively reduce the water pressure , Scattered current impact, so as to achieve a stable voltage, reduce power consumption purposes.
It is understood that Wang He-tang invented the energy-saving deep-water relay submersible pumps have obtained national patents, is now looking for partners, ready to put into production, let his invention serve more peasants.


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