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China Drying Network News Recently, the State Administration of Work Safety officially announced the “Second Batch of Key Chemical Industry Process Catalogues for Risk Monitoring”, and announced the key monitoring parameters, basic safety control requirements, and recommended control plans for the selected process.

The second group of hazardous chemical processes that are mainly regulated include: coal-based oil (methanol to gasoline, Fischer-Tropsch oil), coal to olefins (methanol to olefins), coal to dimethyl ether, and coal to B. Diols (syngas to ethylene glycol), coal methane gas (gas methanation), coal to methanol, methanol to acetic acid and other processes; calcium carbide production process; nitridation process.

The State Administration of Work Safety requires that chemical companies determine the key monitored process parameters, equipment and complete automatic control, based on the catalogue and its key monitoring parameters, basic requirements for safety control and recommended control program requirements, and against the hazardous chemical processes and characteristics used by the company. System, large-scale and highly dangerous chemical installations should be equipped with safety instrumentation systems (emergency shutdown or safety interlocking) according to the recommended control plan; local safety supervision departments at all levels must urge their jurisdictions to involve the second batch of chemical companies that focus on the supervision of dangerous chemical processes. , Actively carry out automation control and transformation work, and ensure that it is completed before the end of 2014.

In addition, the State Administration of Work Safety has also adjusted some of the first batch of typical processes that focus on the supervision of hazardous chemical processes.

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