4 new process of mineral processing

In general, conventional beneficiation process uses the dissemination size characteristics and nature of copper sulfide ore mines to continue to adjust to the floating mill process, which has become the most mine copper concentrates to enhance the recovery rate, and improve the grade of copper concentrate The key methods to reduce production costs are also better, and are the most widely used processes. In some of the concentrators, in order to continuously improve the recovery rate and grade of copper concentrate, fast flotation process and selective collectors will be used , which can quickly realize copper mine early harvest and flotation [3]. Since the nature of ore has been gradually changing in recent years, the flotation and re-election methods are generally used, and the main process is divided into three steps. The first step is lime slurry; the second step It is a medium salty rough selection; the third step is a high saltiness selection. At the same time, in order to facilitate the comprehensive recovery of gold and silver , it is also possible to make full use of the versatile characteristics of sulfur contained in the sulphur-copper ore, and to obtain qualified copper concentrates in a variety of ways. For some difficult copper mines, the method is different. The main steps are divided into three steps. The first step is stage grinding; the second step is ball milling and machine grinding coarse concentrate; It is the finishing of the tail and re-election. Among them, the precipitant used is sodium sulfide; the inhibitor is sodium thiosulfate, and the chlorination hinge is a synergistic inhibitor of arsenic . After fully utilizing these reagents, copper arsenic can be successfully separated. So far, the mechanical level of the concentrator is generally high, so most of the main operations are done by machinery. Basically, every workshop is equipped with lifting equipment. Therefore, the maintenance and operation of the lifting equipment has become the focus of the current concentrator. Practical problems. Some of the concentrators will use the crushing equipment in the imported workshop to make the crushed mines finer and more uniform [4]. Therefore, in most cases the iron removal will be installed in front of the cone crusher to ensure that the fine crushing equipment works properly. The buffering operation will be carried out before the fine crushing process, and a moving belt conveyor is arranged under the buffer bin to control the amount of minerals. Regardless of which of the transfer belt conveyors is equipped with a dust removal device and a dosing pump to prevent water accumulation. Moreover, most of the company's ore feeding equipment is a pneumatic gate valve, so the tape speed control will control the amount of ore to reduce dust. If wood slag is present in the mineral, a cylindrical slag screen will be used to make it clear. In addition, there is a large section in the concentrator machinery for the drug administration step. In most cases, this operation will be completed in the CNC drug delivery machine, the drug storage room, and the drug preparation administration room and the automatic sampling machine. 5]. Lifting equipment is provided in the medicine storage room for storage and drug movement, and lifting equipment is also provided in the medicine preparation administration room to ensure the safety of lifting chemicals, prevent water accumulation, and avoid slurry loss. An energy-saving ceramic filter is also installed in the dewatering plant to filter out the residue in the copper mine. In order to ensure the cleanness of the ceramic filter and maintain a good working condition for a long time, when the ceramic filter needs to clean the ceramic piece, an automatic acid matching device is used to clean the material remaining in the ceramic filter.

5 Expected goals to be achieved

In the beneficiation design process, it is necessary to use new technologies, new processes and new equipment with high energy-saving characteristics. It is absolutely impossible to use the products that are prohibited by the state and the backward products that may cause extremely high energy consumption. This is the production that must be adhered to. in principle. In addition, in the process of mineral processing, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of fine materials, and strive to reduce the water content in the concentrate from various aspects and improve the quality of the concentrate to ensure the quality of the ore dressing. On the other hand, it is necessary to calculate the energy required for each process in detail, and use automated instrument control measures to control the energy consumption of each process. For the expected design, in addition to adhering to the principles of short cycle, quick effect and good economic efficiency, it is also necessary to focus on the design of the main program to ensure the technical feasibility and economic rationality of the main program, thus further accelerating the project. The pace of construction will gradually conform to the established goals of investment as soon as possible. Finally, when selecting equipment, not only must we choose equipment with high practicability and high reliability, but also need to make the equipment highly efficient and energy-saving. Try to choose some domestic high-quality equipment to ensure the quality of copper ore dressing while reducing investment. However, it should be noted that when selecting the beneficiation equipment, it is not possible to select only the equipment that has better performance and is complicated in management and operation, but to coordinate the management difficulty, equipment functionality and operational performance. The relationship will otherwise lead to increased difficulty in beneficiation and even lower production efficiency. All in all, the main goal of selecting copper ore beneficiation equipment is to use high-quality copper ore beneficiation equipment to make the equipment level of more and more copper concentrators gradually reach the domestic advanced level.

6 Conclusion

Throughout the whole article, in recent years, many metal mine beneficiation factories in China have gradually upgraded and optimized their equipment and process technology to ensure the quality of mineral processing. For most metal mines, both the quantity of minerals and the quality of the minerals are affected by the beneficiation equipment and technology. Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of good copper ore beneficiation equipment and technical advantages to maximize the role of mineral processing equipment, so as to achieve the sustainable development goals of copper mines.

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