According to foreign media reports, the National Highway Safety Committee (NHTSA) survey shows that the airbags currently used by some car manufacturers do not protect the safety of drivers and passengers.

The technicians of the US National Highway Safety Committee have selected some models from FCA, Honda, Toyota and other companies for related research. The study found that even though some models have been recalled due to the use of Takata airbags, the airbags used in these models can still fail. Airbags equipped with models for many models have problems in terms of quality performance and design. When the car is driving, there may be cases where the airbag cannot be opened or the airbag is opened too much, causing injury to the driver and passenger.

The National Highway Safety Committee said that the airbags used by many manufacturers are not performing well. This may be the worst situation since the 1990s, and there is no need for improvement among auto manufacturers.

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