The water potential of plants is easily affected by external environmental factors and has a certain degree of relativity. From the water potential distribution of the SPAC plant in the observation area of ​​the plant water potential analyzer during the observation period, the water potential of the non-irrigated sand willow will not be under natural conditions. The months (July and August) are relatively low, and higher during the non-high-temperature months (September and October). However, the water potential of St.

Whether under natural conditions or furrow irrigation conditions, the PWPC of S. bungeanum is greater in the hot months and smaller in the non-heat months. The plant water potential analyzer is used to study the strength of the plant's response to environmental stress. The advantage is that all three components of the SPAC water potential are used. The disadvantage is that the workload is relatively large. In order to make the PWPC have a better representation.

In fact, in the high-temperature months, the response of plants to environmental stress is stronger, and in non-high-temperature months, the response of plants to environmental stress is weaker. Therefore, from this perspective, the plant water potential analyzer can objectively reflect the environment The influence of plants and the plant's response to the environment can be used as an indicator of the strength of a plant's response to environmental stress.

On the other hand, the correlation analysis of the plant water potential analyzer showed that the correlation coefficient between the PWPC and its plant water potential was -0.98 in the natural state, and the correlation coefficient was -0.87 for the sand layer water potential at the location of the plant, while in the furrow irrigation conditions. Below, the correlation coefficient between them is relatively low, this proves that PWPC is more suitable for reflecting the strength of the plant response to environmental stress in the natural state.

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