Buying a good used car is the expectation of every second-hand car owner, and many car owners are afraid of not understanding the market by the car dealer. Today Xiao Bian summed up the details of buying used cars to pay attention to the five details, I hope the owners can refer to when buying a car.
Buy a car details: check the lights and windshield
When buying a used car, check the lights to see if there is any damage or if the lights are discolored, because if the lights change color, the original lights are broken, and the new lights are defective, so they are easily discolored. Then check the glue seal around the windshield. If it is new, it means the windshield of this car has broken.
Buy a car details II: Check the luggage section
When checking the luggage, we must first pay attention to whether the luggage smells or mold. Then look at the tightness of the trunk lid. If the trunk is large and small, it means that the tail of the car may have been hit. Because if the rear end of the vehicle is hit, it cannot be recovered no matter how it is repaired.
Buy car details three: check the exhaust pipe
Check if the exhaust pipe needs to be touched on the inner side of the exhaust pipe with a glove when it is cold. If the gray stain is grayish, it means that the engine is not burning enough and needs to be adjusted. However, the problem is not serious. If there are black and sticky liquids, it means that the car's engine may leak oil.
Buying car details four: check the tire
When buying a used car, check whether the oldness of the tire is consistent with the age of the car. If the new tire is used with the old car, it will be too dissonant. If it is an old tire, you need to check it. Look at the tire wear on both sides of the car. If the tires on both sides wear unevenly, it indicates that the positioning and suspension of the vehicle wheels may be problematic. If the tire wear on both sides is almost flat, it means that the owner of the car often brakes.
Buy a car details 5: Check the shock absorber
Pressing several times on the four wheel positions, if the car stops after jumping more than once, it means that the shock absorber may have problems, the vehicle condition is not very good, and the vehicle is also dangerous.
Of course, in addition to these few details when buying a used car, it is also necessary to consider the combination of the price and configuration of the vehicle. However, Xiao Bian should remind everyone that buying a used car is still a special car dealer, not only to enjoy a professional assessment, but also to buy a used car at a fair price.

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