On February 7, 2015, Foton Aoling Cummings Operational Promotion Conference and Acknowledgment Meeting was held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. Leaders from relevant regulatory authorities in Wenzhou City, relevant persons in Futian Cummins, and staff from Handan Ouzhuang 4S Store, The customers of the chemical transportation industry and logistics users participated in the year-end appreciation meeting. The China Truck Network reporter learned from the scene that in 2014, sales of Foton Aoling exceeded the 1,000 mark in Wenzhou, and the Althea CTX model fitted with the Cummins ISF engine achieved a 107% increase. With the Cummins ISF power, Foton Aoling achieved an annual increase of 30% in the area of ​​hazardous chemicals transportation in the local regional market, and its influence in the Wenzhou crisis-hungry operation industry gradually increased.

Futian Cummins Regional Chief Presents Wenzhou Minda Honor Award for Gold Distributors in East China

It is understood that the light industry in Wenzhou is well developed. The production and sales of shoes, clothing, hardware, and electronic products have determined that the demand for light trucks in the local market is extremely high. At the same time, short-distance transport of hazardous chemicals such as gas and chemical raw materials has given rise to the survival space of light hazardous chemicals transport vehicles. Under the increasingly stringent management of the hazardous chemicals transportation industry throughout the country, the Wenzhou region places more emphasis on the transportation management of hazardous chemicals, and has detailed and strict standards and regulations for hazardous chemicals transportation models.

Wang Hongwei, general manager of Wenzhou Haoda Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. made a speech at the scene

Wang Hongwei, general manager of Wenzhou Minda Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., said in a live speech that relying on Cummins to meet the country's four emission standards, safety and reliability, the Olling CTX model has repeatedly changed and upgraded in the local hazardous chemicals transportation industry standard. Next, it took the lead in applying for an announcement, which provided a reliable and safe vehicle model protection for the transportation of dangerous goods in short distances in Wenzhou. Based on the strong attack of this market segment, in 2014, Foton Ao Ling had a substantial breakthrough in product sales, and Qida achieved sales of more than 600 units, and Wenzhou's overall sales exceeded the 1,000-unit mark.

Futian Cummins Regional Manager Liu Xia speaks

Futian Cummins Regional Director pointed out on the scene that Cummins ISF Power has continuously increased its market share in the Wenzhou area at an annual market growth rate of 30%. In 2014, the sales volume of the IWC market in Wenzhou ranked second in East China, demonstrating strong vitality. On the one hand, this achievement is due to the product's own performance advantages. On the other hand, it is due to the dealer's efforts and customer support. In 2015, Foton Cummins will continue to provide users with reliable and safe high-quality products in cooperation with distributors. With services, we reward the end user's trust in Cummins engines.

At the event, the head of Foton Cummins issued an honorary award to Wenzhou Minda for gold distributors in East China, and affirmed Zonda's efforts and efforts for Olling Cummins light truck products over the years.

Live Games Interactive Awards

The event was a pleasant surprise for the New Year. According to reports, in March 2015, there will be an Ollington CTX model built specifically for gas tanks to be marketed in Wenzhou. This new model will be jointly developed and developed by Tiida, Futian Ao Ling, and Hubei Special Vehicle Factory. The performance advantage is obvious. The new models will provide more choices for the local dangerous operation industry, or will further optimize the transportation and guide the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

Recommended live show

Near the end of the year, the event site showed a festive atmosphere. The scene of the recommendation meeting was also interspersed with exciting dances, songs and other program performances, as well as competitive competitions and other interactive sessions, to thank customers and friends over the past year to Ollington CTX and Foton Cummins. Support and trust. The recommendation ended in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

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