Rapidly checking the constraints in the development of the instrument market

The domestic testing market is mixed, industry standards are different, industry entry thresholds are too low, and industry innovation is insufficient. These are the constraints of the development of the domestic testing industry, especially in the rapid detection of the market, the problem of insufficient interest management is even more prominent. . This year's "two sessions", there are proposals that "to promote grass-roots food safety supervision model, effectively improve the grass-roots food safety supervision capabilities and regulatory efficiency," designed to promote China's grass-roots food safety monitoring and rapid detection equipment, as soon as possible to promote the basic level of food safety supervision in China.

China's rapid inspection instrument industry has broad prospects for development. In the future, it will maintain a high growth rate. However, due to the current industry's low entry threshold, the quality of products produced by the industry is uneven, and the detection accuracy of the entire industry is also low. Relevant departments should intensify the establishment of access control and product certification mechanisms for manufacturers of fast inspection products, improve the threshold for the production and sales of quick inspection products, and truly play the role of fast inspection as a primary guarantee for food safety to ensure that the industry is healthy, healthy and sustainable. development of.
Detecting the huge profit margins of the industry has led many companies to embrace them, and they all want to grab a piece of big cake for rapid food testing. Even if many companies that have nothing to do with food testing have joined, this makes the entire industry a mixed bag. However, with the rapid development of the fast-checking market, competition has followed, and it has become increasingly fierce. In order to win the competition, many companies are not making efforts to innovate, but have started to exaggerate publicity or blindly pursue various certifications. Injury to the entire industry is not conducive to the long-term healthy development of the industry.

Another consequence brought by the low entry threshold is that China’s market share in high-end rapid inspection equipment is insufficient, and it relies on foreign countries to a large extent. China’s domestic brands have a certain share in low-end detection equipment, but in the high-end market, Being firmly controlled by foreign high-end instrument manufacturers, it is imperative to achieve a balanced development and transformation of the industry, and to improve industry access.

Rapid testing instruments are often used as the first screening method to play an increasingly important role in ensuring the safety of local food and drinking water. The rapid growth of the testing market has not only promoted the rapid development of domestic testing institutions, but also attracted foreign inspection agencies to invest in establishing laboratories in China. This has certain positive significance for the rapid development of the industry and technological progress.

Along with the rapid growth of the rapid food safety testing market, the rapid food testing equipment industry has also seen mixed growth. Because there are many manufacturers of fast-check products, the accuracy of fast-checking of their products is also different. At present, relevant departments of the State are brewing mechanisms for the entry and product certification of manufacturers of fast-check products. Actual testing is performed on accuracy, detection limit, precision, repeatability, reproducibility, anti-interference, and analysis time of the entire process. This is to evaluate the effectiveness of rapid inspection equipment, improve product production and sales thresholds, ensure healthy development of the industry, and truly play the role of fast inspection as a primary guarantee of food safety technology.

At present, there are a number of food safety and rapid detection equipment on the market, but the equipment standards are not uniform, which seriously affects the primary food safety testing capability and supervision level. In January 2015, the State Food and Drug Administration started the discussion on the standard of food safety rapid testing equipment. According to relevant sources, relevant departments should establish a unified standard as soon as possible to regulate the industrial chaos. At the same time, develop portable and easy-to-use, multi-functional, food safety and rapid detection equipment with data network transmission capabilities, and rely on digital network technology to develop and deploy regional food safety supervision. Platform to build an intelligent and efficient grassroots food safety supervision network.

In the future, more portable, serialized, informatized, and integrated are the development direction of rapid detection instruments. It is more portable and can even be packed into pockets and brought to the scene to carry out risk monitoring work; into a series, such as protection against emergencies, large-scale activities, daily supervision and monitoring, we can give a series of coping solutions; information is very important After the on-site inspection, the data will be directly transmitted to the laboratory for confirmation. This will have a more rapid and more accurate significance for the next step. The future rapid detection instruments will become more and more integrated, such as with molecular imprinting technology, nano-biotechnology, With the combination of new materials and technologies such as biosensing technology, there will be more room for rapid detection.

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