What are the ways of mine drainage?

There are two types of mine drainage: self-flow drainage and lift-up drainage.

The flat-flow self-flowing drainage is economical and reliable, and the water drains the water to the ground. The section of the ditch is inverted trapezo

Hydraulic mining concept

The so-called hydraulic mining method is a method of high pressure water jets of water emitted during mining of sand to complete the gold mine. The hydraulic mining method is suitable for general cementation and less hard ore bo

Mining of mica resources

The mining characteristics of mica deposits are: product industry requirements and prices demand for mining, mica is expensive, the larger the area, the more expensive it is. The mica crystals are protected from damage during mining, and the mining face cannot b

Antimony ore

Beryllium chemically active, isotopes of beryllium has been found that the total of eight, including beryllium 6, beryllium 7, beryllium 8, beryllium 9, beryllium 10, beryllium 11, beryllium 12, beryllium 14, wherein only beryllium 9 is stabilized, the other

K gold jewelry craft

Enough gold, English as FINE GOLD, its content was 99.9%, gold jewelry is very popular in our country have been outside, and has a long history. However, in recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, new technologies and new processes ha