Wuhan will launch global new car transmission

On January 6, 2013, among the 7 major projects signed by Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, the East style Trakley gearbox project was the most eye-catching. According to Xiong Aiguo, head of the project preparation group, the new plant will be the fi

Sensors will face three major markets

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has a wide range of products in terms of sensors. Until now, a series of products such as human perception sensors, inertial force sensors, and magnetic sensors have been developed especially in the area of ​​piezoe

Steam valve working principle and installation methods

Steam valve works and how to install the use of what? The working principle of the steam pressure reducing valve is as follows: The working principle of the pressure reducing valve is that the steam pressure reducing valve reduces the inlet pressure to a certain required outlet pressure through