At present, the continuous decline in international oil prices has finally led to the reduction of domestic refined oil prices . Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission formally announced: Since midnight on June 9, gasoline and diesel prices have been reduced by 530 yuan and 510 yuan per ton respectively. At the same time, this is also the largest reduction in domestic refined oil prices in the past three years. Converted to 90# gasoline and 0# diesel, respectively, decreased by 0.39 yuan and 0.44 yuan per liter.

The price adjustment of refined oil products hit the biggest drop in domestic refined oil prices since 2009. The price of Beijing No. 93 gasoline was reduced by RMB 0.43/l to RMB 7.64/l. Since the first time domestic refined oil prices were lowered at 0:00 on May 10, international oil prices continued to fall. According to relevant monitoring agencies, one of the conditions for changes in domestic oil prices at the end of May was that the rate of change in oil prices in the three places had reached 4%. However, because the 22 working days were not satisfied, the refined oil reduction window did not open.

For the oil price reduction, relevant officials of the National Development and Reform Commission stated that the oil price cut was mainly due to the drop in international oil prices. In particular, the recent European debt crisis has intensified. The economic recovery in Europe and the United States lacked confidence. The international oil price oscillated downwards. In early June, New York's oil prices and Brent fell below 90 US dollars and 100 US dollars. The oil price adjustment was adjusted according to the refined oil pricing mechanism.

Previously, due to the continuous increase in oil prices, domestic taxi fuel surcharges have been raised in many places. At 0:00 on March 20th, the price of gasoline increased by 600 yuan per ton, and the maximum retail price of Beijing No. 93 gasoline reached 8.33 yuan per liter. Since then, Beijing's taxi fuel surcharge has also been raised. The original fuel surcharge of 2 yuan was adjusted to 3 yuan. The National Development and Reform Commission said that at present, fuel surcharges have a corresponding linkage mechanism. After the price of oil is lowered, the fuel surcharge should also be lowered, but in the end it should be decided by the local government.

After the oil price was lowered, the taxi fuel cost will be directly reduced. A taxi driver in Beijing stated that he is currently using about 30 liters of oil a day, according to a reduction of 0.43 yuan per liter of gasoline, and about 400 yuan in fuel expenses per month.

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