According to local time in France on April 14, 2015, the Michelin company in Clermont-Ferrand has acquired 40% of Alopneus.

Allopneus is a dealer who sells French Internet tires , and its offer is $64 million (approximately 394 million yuan). The site is headquartered in Aix-en-Provence and Michelin claims that allopneus sold 3 million tires in France in 2014 and now accounts for 7% of the French market.

According to Michelin, drivers usually begin to search the internet for detailed information about the tires a few weeks before buying the tires. Or when the user browses the details of the tire, he decides to purchase the tire in a matter of weeks. “In France, about three-quarters of consumers are seeking information on tire products through the Internet, and about 13% of people buy online.”

Through the establishment of a strategic partnership with allopneus, Michelin stated that its purpose is to expand its online scope and extend the life of its tire business model. “The Michelin Group will become more sophisticated in responding to different online and offline search and purchase models, and thus seek to improve the delivery to customers. The service strategy."

Michelin chief executive Sunard said that the growth of allopneus means that they understand the details of the market in order to predict and meet customer needs.

In addition, this kind of equity change is subject to the approval of the French Competition Authority.


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