In May of this year, BYD's national manufacturing center for electric vehicles and special vehicles was settled in Yuhua Economic Development Zone. Changsha became BYD's production base for two series of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. It is reported that the total investment of the project is 5 billion yuan. The equipment will be installed in January next year and will be put into operation in April. The output value of the year will reach 1.5 billion yuan. Such a large investment project can “create the contract in the same year, build in the same year, and be built in the same year”, and once again create the “speed of Changsha”.
7+4 layout BYD will achieve full coverage of transportation vehicles
In September this year, during the military parade of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War, BYD's pure electric washing vehicle undertook the road washing operation of Chang'an Avenue in Beijing. Since then, due to its green, energy-efficient reputation, a large number of orders are placed in front of BYD.
Indeed, in recent years, the management of smog, the elimination of yellow-label vehicles, the implementation of phased regional standards for diesel vehicles, and the implementation of regulations have become stricter, and new energy vehicles have become the key industries for national development and support.
At present, BYD is implementing the “7+4” layout, with the goal of enabling new energy vehicles to cover seven major target markets (private cars, buses, taxis, sanitation vehicles, intercity passenger vehicles, logistics light trucks, construction vehicles). And 4 special vehicle markets (special vehicles for warehousing, airports, mines, ports) to achieve full coverage of transportation vehicles.
Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly pure electric truck consumes 0.5~1 degree per kilometer
Pure electric commercial vehicles use the vehicle power battery and the drive motor as the power source to replace the traditional commercial vehicle internal combustion engine and drive the vehicle. Compared with ordinary commercial vehicles, pure electric commercial vehicles have obvious advantages. As a large vehicle, the electric truck is lighter and smoother when it starts, there is no noise during driving, and there is no gasoline smell in the car, and the driving experience is more comfortable.
Electric commercial vehicles can also make full use of the extra power charging during the evening power shortage, effectively avoiding the peak of power consumption, which is conducive to the balanced load of the power grid, so that the power generation equipment can be fully utilized day and night, greatly improving its economic benefits. Research data shows that domestic pure electric trucks consume between 0.5 and 1.0 degrees per kilometer.
Studies have shown that the energy efficiency of electric special vehicles has surpassed that of gasoline engines, especially in urban areas. The cars stop and go, the driving speed is not high, and electric vehicles are more suitable. When the electric vehicle stops, it does not consume electricity. During the braking process, the motor can be automatically converted into a generator to realize energy reuse during braking deceleration. On the other hand, the application of electric trucks can effectively reduce the dependence on petroleum resources, and can use limited oil for more important aspects.
From the perspective of future development, all diesel locomotives that use fuel can now be replaced by electric motors. As electric commercial vehicles gradually become industrialized, products will gradually have a competitive advantage and will occupy most of the market in the future.
In 2013, the sales volume of single sanitation vehicles in China reached 68,300. In 2014, China's trucks (including chassis and semi-trailer tractors) achieved sales of 3.18 million units, of which 1.68 million were in the light truck market. In 2015, China's light truck market is expected to reach a huge market scale of 2 million units.
The base plan will reach 5,000 annual production capacity in 2020
The relevant person in charge of the Yuhua Economic Development Zone said that the strategic base of BYD New Energy Vehicle, which radiates the whole world with Changsha as the center, also enriches and completes the new energy automobile industry chain of Yuhua Economic Development Zone. Nowadays, the new energy automobile industry chain of the Yuhua Economic Development Zone has become a full production chain covering electric buses, electric cars, logistics trucks and special vehicles. At this point, BYD's total investment in Changsha will exceed 11 billion yuan.
In addition, the project will also help Changsha seize the opportunity of “Made in China 2025” and implement the “Smart Manufacturing Plan” in Changsha. It is understood that Changsha, as the capital city of Hunan Province, will also take the lead in increasing the promotion of new energy vehicles.
According to reports, after the project is completed, it will form 10,000 complete vehicles and related parts and components. In 2016, it will reach 2,500 units. According to the plan, it will reach 5,000 annual production capacity in 2020 and expand to 10,000 annual production capacity in 2025. It is estimated that the annual output value will reach 10 billion yuan and provide more than 5,000 jobs.
As an auxiliary base for electric trucks and special-purpose vehicles, which integrates R&D, production, and sales, it will become an important bearing base for BYD Auto's “7+4” full-market strategic layout. By then, the Changsha base product line will cover all models and produce new energy buses, passenger cars and special vehicles.
Construction site
One building and one road have been completed one after another
The national manufacturing center of BYD electric trucks and special vehicles under construction has a total land area of ​​866,000 square meters and a total construction area of ​​330,000 square meters. It is planned to have eight steel structure workshops and corresponding supporting facilities, mainly producing electric trucks and special vehicles. The core components of the whole vehicle and electric axles and chassis.
According to reports, the Changsha BYD electric truck and special vehicle production base project has been highly valued by the leaders of the city and district and supported by various departments. In particular, Qiu Jixing, secretary of the Yuhua District Party Committee, led the team to Shenzhen for negotiation and was moved with sincerity. Pursuing the move, using the service to promote, finally won the project's rapid landing, rapid construction, and will soon be put into production. In order to speed up the construction, the project adopted the “1+1+1” mode, that is, Yuhua District stationed in the supervision and supervision of the safety supervision, a set of teams in the park, a set of construction sites for the enterprise, and implemented a tight “marking” policy to do a good job of tracking services.
A few days ago, the reporter saw on the BYD electric truck and special vehicle project site that the overall construction progressed smoothly and the roads and greening were promoted simultaneously. According to reports, the main structure and roof of the No. 29 plant have been completely installed, and the interior and exterior wall panels and floor construction of the plant are underway; 80% of the main structure of the No. 30 plant is completed; 95% of the main structure of the No. 31 plant is completed; 32, 33 The factory building is also in the construction phase. In addition, the supporting road network in the plant area started construction synchronously. At present, the overall progress is 50%, and the main road of the plant area and the north and south side roads of No. 29 have been completed.
Statistics show that in 2014, BYD Changsha Company's output value exceeded 10 billion yuan, making it the first automobile company in Changsha with a production value of over 10 billion yuan.
Pure electric commercial vehicle prospects are promising
At present, the pure electric commercial vehicles developed and launched in China mainly include urban logistics distribution vehicles, urban sanitation vehicles, short-distance personnel transportation vehicles, municipal engineering construction and maintenance vehicles, mining vehicles, airport transportation vehicles and engineering machinery vehicles.
In 2013, the "Notice on Continued Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles" specifically stipulates that government agencies and public institutions should be slanted to new energy vehicles, and new or updated logistics and distribution vehicles, sanitation vehicles and other vehicles, new The proportion of energy vehicles is not less than 30%. This has completely opened the market for pure electric passenger cars and pure electric commercial vehicles.
According to industry analysts, pure electric commercial vehicles have the advantages of large market, fast promotion and popularization, high unit price, high profit, and concentrated core technology. The market power and development prospects of the pure electric commercial vehicle industry are better. The pure electric commercial vehicle industry will transform commercial vehicles from traditional low-tech industries to high-tech industries, and its potential for sustainable development is huge.

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