Recently, Weichai Heavy Machinery Weapons and Equipment Quality Management System successfully passed the on-site review of the audit team of the China New Era Certification Center and recommended registration.

It is reported that three members of the audit team of the China New Era Certification Center conducted a three-and-a-half-year on-site audit of the weapons and equipment quality system for Weichai Heavy Machinery. The audit team fully affirmed the operation of Weichai's heavy weaponry equipment quality system. We believe that Weichai Heavy Machinery attaches great importance to the construction of product quality and quality systems, and the system documents are adequate and appropriate. The quality objectives are targeted and specific and measurable. , Has the ability to realize the quality policy; The company design, the production process is identified, the key process control is effective, the product physical quality is stable, the service is prompt, the customer satisfaction. At the same time, Weichai Heavy Machinery carried out internal audits and management reviews as planned, continuously improving the effectiveness of the system and maintaining a certain self-improvement mechanism.

Weichai Heavy Machinery Weichai Heavy Machinery

In order to pass the weapons and equipment quality system certification and expand the military products market, Weichai Heavy Machinery began implementing the weapons and equipment quality management system in August 2015, and compiled a total of 25 "quality manuals" and program files for military products; invited external trainers to lead officials and The technical quality personnel carried out the national military standard quality management system standards and military standard six-sex technical training. At the same time, various departments also actively carried out the national army standard knowledge independent study activities; carried out two internal quality system audits and management reviews of the national military standard. In September of this year, the China New Era Certification Center conducted a first-stage review of Weichai Heavy Machinery and successfully passed it.

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