The construction machinery industry is a well-known high-cost operating industry. Its large size determines everything: purchases, leases, maintenance, parts, and fuel consumption all require high costs for maintenance. As equipment owners or users, effective control of operating costs is a top priority for their own interests, especially when the industry is not booming, reducing costs, preserving power, and surviving the difficulties in order to continue to look forward to brilliance. Then the question is, how do users of construction machinery and equipment do cost control? Xiao Bian sums it up for you.

1. Buy brand equipment

Buying a single device is astronomical with hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of digits. Therefore, you must make a thorough market survey before buying. Be cautious when buying, considering that the purchase of a machine is only a small part of the operating costs. Maintenance and maintenance of machines, replacement of parts and components are the constant expenses in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a brand machine that has more secure after-sales service and spare parts supply when purchasing, and the brand equipment manufacturing company has fully considered the cost management control at the time of manufacture.

2. Energy efficiency is the key

Fuel is the consumption of every second in the construction process. Therefore, energy saving and high efficiency are the core parts of cost control. It not only saves operating costs for equipment owners, promotes the development of enterprises and improves profits, but also makes due contributions to emission reduction and environmental protection. , assume economic, environmental, and social responsibilities to achieve sustainable development.

The equipment purchased by the user must fully consider the technical improvement of the engine in order to achieve maximum energy saving and emission reduction, and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions by continuously improving the fuel economy of the engine. In a good market, it is necessary to ensure that the machine obtains output with maximum efficiency. In the downturn of the market, it is necessary to reduce the unnecessary loss of the machine as much as possible, and respond very sensitively to changes in the market.

3. Labor cost optimization

The labor cost here is not just the salary cost paid by the owner of the equipment for the operator, but a three-dimensional labor expenditure. This expenditure has been invisible since you purchased the brand, from engineers, designers, and sales staff to after-sales service. Service personnel, you are paying one by one, their professional height determines that your equipment can be used smoothly.

It is worth noting that whether the performance of a machine can be maximized depends to a large extent on the operating skills of the operator. A skilled operator can increase productivity to more than 40%. A less skilled operator can reduce productivity by 40%. If the brand you are purchasing has fuel-saving training for operators on fuel consumption, and will closely track the customer's use of the machine to help you maintain the machine well, so as to maintain the stability of the machine and maximize the production capacity. This is also a cost optimization.

All costs related to "people" must be optimized, not to reduce their income, but to increase productivity and achieve the best state of profit.

In short, with the development of society and changes in the environment, as the main body of the market economy, machinery license companies and construction machinery equipment owners must not only sum up their own cost management experience, but also constantly learn new cost management methods. Of course, lowering costs will not lower quality standards, nor will it harm the interests of employees. Actively implement strategic cost management, improve the company's own competitiveness, overcome difficulties, and complete a successful leap.

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