At present, China's construction machinery industry is in a high stage of operation, construction machinery enterprises have shown a prosperous situation, however, the matching parts like a rope covering the neck of the company, so that it is difficult to eat. Recently, he visited the General Secretary of China Construction Machinery Industry Association's Engineering Machinery Components Sub-committee Ma Chuanwei and asked him to talk about the current problems in China's construction machinery parts industry and analyze the development prospects.
Matching parts restriction
At present, China's construction machinery, especially small construction machinery market has broad prospects, digging small market is very clear, is expected to "Eleventh Five-Year", dug a small market demand may reach 5 million units. In addition, the small-scale construction machinery market, such as boom-lift forklifts, skid-steer loaders, and busy-slots, will also undergo greater development during the cultivation process. But so far, the pumps, valves, hydraulic parts and other accessories required by small-scale construction machinery are all basically dependent on imports. The foreign partner companies must first meet the needs of their domestic companies, the second must satisfy the needs of foreign companies in China, and the third must take into account the needs of local Chinese companies. This situation will become more and more obvious to China's construction machinery manufacturing companies. This year, China's construction machinery companies have paid for foreign companies for up to a year and a half. They are still unable to get goods, such as Hefei Zhenyu ; anything is installed, waiting for a valve, but the Japanese companies are late. Late supply, such as Yuchai Machinery ; last year's Xu excavation machinery, orders to Japanese companies at the beginning of the year, the results did not give goods by the end of the year, leading to zero output of the excavator. Not only can the delivery period not be guaranteed, but at the same time, the price of a full range of hydraulic systems purchased from foreign countries generally has no room for negotiation . In addition, factors such as pre-sales and after-sales services are not in place, which greatly restricts the development of domestic construction machinery enterprises.
Select the breach
In view of the overall level of development of China's construction machinery and the current specific conditions, Ma Chuanwei suggested that small digging and other small construction machinery parts should be the breakthrough to promote the overall development of China's construction machinery parts industry.
At the annual meeting of the China Construction Machinery Fittings Industry, Ma Chuanwei and the relevant person in charge of the accessory branch recommended that the manufacturers pay attention to focusing on the small digging parts and guiding them to take into account other small-sized construction machinery parts, taking the small digging parts as a breakthrough. , driving the full development of other small construction machinery parts.
To realize the all-round development of small construction machinery accessories including small digging, achieving its static pressure transmission is an important link. At present, the hydraulic components required for small-scale construction machinery, such as small wheel loaders, backhoe loaders ( two- pronged ) , skid steer loaders, telehandlers, and small-tonnage forklift trucks, etc. Partly imported. Internationally, loaders under 3.0 tonnage in advanced countries have mostly achieved hydrostatic transmission, and almost 100 million loaders in China are hydraulic transmissions. At present, only Shandong Longtai, which is the only company capable of producing static pressure transmission parts, can produce hydrostatic transmission loaders below 3.0 tons. However, it is only still in production, and it is still immature and the production is still complete.
In addition to the constraints of key technologies, Ma Chuanwei believes that another important aspect of the gap between China's construction machinery parts and foreign products lies in its reliability. The production of ten or eight pieces in small batches is reliable, and if the quantity is more than one, it is not reliable. Product reliability is related to management, process equipment, and process routes. In general, the main factors affecting the reliability of China's fittings are raw materials, especially the quality of steel products. Domestic construction machinery enterprises are generally not large in size and require special purchases from steel mills. Others ignore them. There is also a gap between technology and equipment and foreign countries. There are flexible production lines abroad and each procedure has strict controls. There are also problems with heat treatment. The reliability of the kits produced in this way is not good, which leads to the inability of the host to improve its quality. For example, the construction machinery products produced by foreign companies are generally the first failure in 1,000 hours, and our products are only 400 , 500 hours. Reliability problems are not solved. Even if they are sold cheaper, users will not buy it.

UVC Germicidal Series

1.What is UVC?

UVC: The wavelength is between 100-280nm, but because the wavelength below 200nm is vacuum ultraviolet, it can be absorbed by the air, so the wavelength of UVC that can penetrate the atmosphere is between 200-280nm. The shorter the wavelength, the more dangerous it is. Can be blocked by the ozone layer, and only a small amount will reach the surface of the earth.

2.What is the mechanism of UV sterilization?

UV can destroy the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecular structure of microorganisms, so that bacteria can die or cannot reproduce, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.

3.Where can UVC LED be used?

According to different application scenarios, we may be able to see UVC LEDs in these applications in the future:

Surface sterilization: high-frequency public contact surfaces such as medical appliances, maternal and child products, smart toilets, refrigerators, tableware cabinets, fresh-keeping boxes, smart trash cans, thermos cups, escalator handrails and automatic ticket machine buttons, etc.;
Still water sterilization: water tank, humidifier, ice maker;
Flowing water sterilization: Flowing water sterilization module, direct water dispenser;
Air sterilization: air purifier, air conditioner.

The wavelength range of UVC LED is generally around 260nm, 275nm and 280nm.

UVC Sterilization,UVC disinfection,270NM-280NM,3535 , 4545

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