Whenever the flood season is approaching, heavy rains are pouring, and one after another, the city’s residential neighborhoods are prone to water damage. In order to prevent this from happening, the municipal construction committee will do a series of pipeline dredging and trench removal. Before the preparation work, the small master high-pressure cleaning vehicle that we dredged the mud will appear on the scene.


Many cities will use high-pressure cleaning vehicles to carry out remediation operations such as dredging and dredging of pipelines, maintenance and renovation. Here are some examples of specific cities. Residents of a district in Chongqing reported that “the community uses high-pressure cleaning vehicles to clean the sewers regularly for us. It is fast and efficient. We are really happy.” Recently, the reporter came to the Guangle community and saw a high-pressure cleaner parked in the hospital. Sewage is being pumped out. There are several residents on the site guiding pedestrians and vehicles to cross the road. It is understood that there are a number of high-rise residential buildings, such as Yuhua Apartment and Fengtong Building, in the Guangle Community. Previously, the sewers were manually cleaned. The clean-up was not complete, and it was inefficient. To solve this problem, the community actively communicates with the property company. From this year, the desilting is fixed twice a year, all of which are completed by high-pressure cleaning vehicles and sewage suction trucks, which greatly reduces the labor cost and opens the sewage pipeline. Silt "high speed mode".

Before the onset of the rainy season, many urban community managers will use professional equipment to thoroughly clean all the sewage pipes in the community to ensure that the drainage system is unimpeded and the road conditions are unimpeded. Maintain the main roads of the city, thoroughly investigate road water points, and timely carry out rectification actions such as dredging and dredging of pipelines, maintenance and reconstruction. In particular, key road sections, such as large farmer's markets, front of timber markets, schools, community roads in front of gates, hotels and restaurants, etc., have been rectified. All the cleaning work is done by our high-pressure cleaning vehicle. The convenience, high speed, high efficiency and labor saving are all its absolute advantages. We do not call it "the bustle of pipe silt."

EVA Twin Colors Building Blocks

EVA Twin Colors Building Blocks is consist of all kinds of twin colors foaming blocks. Made from Eco-friendly, closed cell, non-smell and non-toxic EVA foam material, passes ASTM and EN71 certificates, the safety of this product is the last thing needs to be worried.

EVA Twin Colors Building Blocks
The twin colors EVA educational blocks look beautiful and interesting than the single color blocks, it can be more creative when baby is building different objects with the blocks. And due to it is made from foam material, the EVA Building Blocks are lighter than plastic or wooded blocks, avoid baby from hurt of heavy thing even just a small plastic or wooden block.

The blocks are easy to store and carry cause it is packed with a PVC bag with zipper. Also after a long time of playing, the blocks can be cleaned easily with water thanks to its closed cell foam.

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