Recently, Heidway signed a contract with the world's largest handysize bulk carrier, Shipown Pacific Shipping, to install ballast water treatment systems for its 20 operating vessels.
Heideway has orders for 20 operating vessels to install ballast water treatment systems
Pacific Shipping is known for its professionalism and efficiency in the industry, with 99 owned vessels. In response to this ship's ballast water modification project, Pacific Shipping has established an independent team of experts to conduct detailed and rigorous screening and evaluation of many first-line manufacturers participating in the project. In the end, Haidewei won the unanimous affirmation of the Pacific shipping expert team with its rich experience in ballast water modification, high-quality service and perfect certification system.
It is reported that Heideway has been committed to ballast water treatment solutions for many years. With its strong R&D and design capabilities, the Ocean Guardian® ballast water treatment system has been well received by domestic and foreign shipyards and shipping companies, and its sales volume is leading the world.

Tire Valves

Tire valve is a self-contained valve which opens to admit air to inflate a tire, and is then automatically closed and kept sealed by the pressure in the tire, to prevent the air from escaping. Tire valve stems are made of aluminium, steel or black rubber. It includes tubeless tire valve and tube valves for passenger cars, truck, buses, tractor and ATV etc.

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