Dongfeng Castrol Oil Products Co., Ltd. will debut the "2013 China Chongqing International Lubricants, Grease and Technology Equipment Exhibition" held at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center on September 11-13 this year.

The exhibition as a well-known exhibition in Southwest China has attracted many well-known lubricating oil manufacturers from home and abroad. As a Chinese-foreign equity joint venture company jointly established by Dongfeng Motor Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and BP Global Investment Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Castrol Oil Products Co., Ltd., which has rapidly grown into a well-known domestic brand in recent years, will bring its own “Jin The three major self-developed product brands of Daqing, Jiachi and Lubrizol engine coolants made their debut.

Since its establishment in 2005, Dongfeng Castrol Oil Company has inherited the genes of two famous brands “Dongfeng” and “Castrol” and used “Castrol” technology and brand advantages in the lubricant industry to tailor it for Dongfeng Motor. Excellent quality automotive lubricant products and services. Its lubricating oil products have been favored by more and more "Dongfeng" customers. The brand image of "professional quality, expert selection" has also become popular.

Company Introduction:

On February 28, 2005, Dongfeng Castrol Oil Products Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Wuhan with a registered capital of 80 million yuan. It is owned by Dongfeng Motor Corporation (shares ratio 20%), Dongfeng Motor Corporation (shares ratio 30%), and the United Kingdom. BP Global Investment Co., Ltd. (shares of 50%) jointly funded the establishment of a Sino-foreign joint venture company.

Dongfeng Castrol Oil Products Co., Ltd. Business scope: production and sales of engine system protection fluid and other automotive chemical products; production, deployment, filling, sales of automotive lubricants; research and development of environmental protection petroleum products; provide product after-sales service and product technical services. After the joint venture was put into operation, the protective liquid product had a production capacity of 20,000 tons and a filling capacity of 10,000 tons; the lubricant had a production capacity of 30,000 tons.

At present, the company’s service customers include Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle Co., Ltd., Shenlong Motor Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Luan Automobile Co., Ltd., Dongfeng SUV Co., Ltd., Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd., and Dongfeng Chaochai. Co., Ltd., BP company, etc.

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