Recently, Hongri Aconn Chemical Co., Ltd. summarized the practical experience of no deaths and major safety accidents for 12 consecutive years, creating a unique '01234' safety management model.
'0' refers to zero accident indicators to guide safety, the company has always put safety and environmental protection work on the top priority of all tasks, adhere to zero accident indicators guide work; '1' is a leader responsible system. The company has set up a safety production committee, which is headed by the general manager, and establishes a safety and economic responsibility system at the factory, workshop, team, and individual level; '2' refers to the promotion of safety through the implementation of the two standardization constructions and implements the "Safe Production Law of the People's Republic of China." 》, "Dangerous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations"; '3' refers to three sets of management systems to ensure safety, these three systems for the safety production responsibility system, safety operation rules system, safety management system; '4' means four The basic measures to improve safety are four basic measures: safety education, safety inspections, safety activities, and safety rewards and punishments.
The security management model of Hongri Arkang '01234' has enabled the company's production safety management to form a vertical-to-bottom, horizontal-to-edge management network.